Appearance and Personality Traits of Prosians

Appearance and Personality traits:

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The Convekian people are a passionate, versatile, and natural people. Many being free flowing and very liberal in their world views. Most Convekians do not relish combat, rather arts, sciences, and the mystical realm that lies beyond this one. The Convekian people approach their magic with dire focus, stressing it’s balance in the worlds. They believe their close bond with nature and it’s elements gives them their heightened potential for powerful magics. The forest is sacred ground for them. The Convekians wear loose and revealing clothing made from silks and fine leather. The Convekians are humanoid ranging from 5’10 to 6’5 for males and 5’3 to 6’0 for females. Their skin is a very light. Convekians’ skin, who delve heavily into the magics, have a mystical tinted glow to their skin the color of their focused school of magic. Their hair ranges from dark brown to auburn and their eyes change with the seasons.

Sample names:
Sov, Les’slie, Sae’ra, Shanti


The theocratic society of Syng are made up of strong, prosperous, vigilant, and pious people. They are fair and just, yet narrowly opinionated. They believe they revere the one true god, and all others are heretics. They value honor, strength, family, and tradition which is followed strictly. The people of Syng range from bronze colored skin to a light tan. Their hair color ranges from dark blue to dark brown to black. Their shapes and sizes varry although there are few overweight Syngians. The Syngian women are revered as the most beautiful, and often most dangerous, in the land. The male’s height ranges from 6’0 – 6’5 and the females from 5’5 – 6’0.

Sample names:
Troymaine, Nevera, Jasin, Alec


The Admians are thinkers, philosophers, and scientists. A wide majority viewing combat with swords and fists and bows as vulgar and brutish. They employ mind games rather sword play. The average Admirian is highly intelligent, having come from a lush educational background. Admirians are introverted when around other races, staying behind the scenes and plotting. They have pale skin, black retinas with deep blue pupils, and usually long and pointed noses. Their hair is usually brown or blonde and their body size varies; many Admirians do not do much physical labor. This results in either the common fat Admirian or a “thinner than most” Admirian. Their height also varies with averages of 6’0 for males and 5’7 for females.

Sample names:
Gloren, Dhasus, Bastion, Sara

Kessel Barbarian:

The Kessel Barbarian are pale skinned large framed humanoids from the southern swamps of Kessel. Their hair is usually dirty and long, be it male of female. Both genders, though medium in game terms, are large bodied. The females standing 5’11 – 6’3 and the males averaging a height of 6’7. Their hair color ranges from blond to dark brown. Their eyes are usually hazel or brown and teeth savagely sharp. They are brutal, rash, and “uncivilized”, only interested in the kill or bringing honor to his or her clan. They have free roaming spirits, natural wanderers. They may look unintelligent, but they are not all around. On the battlefield, they are skilled warriors, some even able to best the best cavaliers of the Syng empire.

Sample names:
Hormac, Gretta, Horace, Tarver

Appearance and Personality Traits of Prosians

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