Prosian Diplomacy

Relations of Civilizations:

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The Convekians have had major conflicts with the Syng long ago. The people of the Syng empire tried to convert the Convekians to their faith. This ended in a war that spanned 50 years. It took a new Sovereign and a lot of dead Syng warriors to come to a peace treaty. For years they have used it to steer clear of war. Convekians have had trade deals with the Admirians where they traded their oils and potions for the Admirians crystals and gems, but due to the Syng and Admirian conflict and their own problems with the Shrik, they have withdrawn from the arrangement. Currently, they closed their boarders to outsiders and are three years into constructing a large wall that will span their entire empire.


The Syng are in a conflict with Admiria. A holy war is in the works. They have a shakey treaty with the Convekians, but after they have secluded themselves the Syng began to rethink the treaty, for they do not know about the Shrik. They treat the Conveks like lesser people, looking down upon them and immensely insulting them. In fact most of their common jokes have the Conveks as the butt of them. The common Syngian fears the Admirians, for the propaganda that is fed to them tells them tales of powerful and evil sorcerers that can invade your dreams and murder you. Admirians are approached in a hostile manner.


They view the Conveks as a child race, they try to keep peaceful negotiations and talks with them. However the Syng are a force they have come to find a constant annoyance. Ever since their war with Convek ended, they have put their attention on Admiria. After countless talks of diplomacy, the Admirians are now faced with a real enemy and viable threat. The Syng are approached with caution, for they do not want to spark the war, only retaliate.

Kessel Barbarians:

They treat all other races the same. Like dirt that hasn’t been watered in months. They are only interested in trade with other races and under normal circumstances pay no real attention. Many of the “civilized” folks of Prosia are either afraid of the barbarians or keep their distance.

Prosian Diplomacy

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