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Civilization Background

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A grand empire, hailing from the east in the ancient woods of Antholl. The first generation of Convekians built their colleges and capitol from the enchanted bark of Antoll forest. It’s trees and soil are unlike any in the world. Said to be enchanted by their Goddess Lessa, this is where the Convekians were born. Rising from the soil and imbued with the gift of nature. Their architecture reflects this. Their buildings elegently crafted into the tall trees that sit high above their capitol, Lessa-lin (City of the Goddess) Wooden rafters connect the citizens to the buildings above. Connected to Lessa-lin by highways are four colleges where their young and pre-adults learn the ways of the elements and nature. These colleges specialize in a certain element. There is a college for fire, water, wind, and earth. Their goddess, Lessa, is the God of art, nature, and love. It is said by her people that she sends a vision to a young, virgin girl at the age of 15, every one hundred years. This vision sends this girl on a journey through the raw elements and her eyes are “opened”, touched by Lessa. She is appointed Sovereign, the physical leader for the Convekian people. The avatar of Lessa.
Conveks magic comes from Lessa, and it requires one to master his emotions to master the magic. Each element ties to a certain emotion. One must control wrath to bring forth fire, another would have to be free of pain to cast a wind based spell, one may have to bring him/herself down and embrace the sadness to cast a water spell, or one must be joyful, hearty, and full of cheer to control the earth. This makes controlling all elements very difficult, which is why most Convekians focus on one or two elements. They worship their Goddess in the Magistary, a temple ran by magic. Here the gospel is spoken and all falsehoods are brought forth and banished. Their ceremonies consist mostly of melodic song. The convekians are known for their beautiful art and unparallelled music. Their government consists of the Sovereign and her council of Archmagi. These Archmagi are head of the four colleges, most news, complaints, and public opinion reach them first.

  • Population: 475,323
  • Terrain: Forrest
  • Weather: Lows of 10 degrees during winter; snow storms. Highs of 90 degrees in the summer; rains heavily in the spring. Average temperature is 60 degrees.


The Syng civilization is a large and sprawling metropolis surrounded by its city states. Their society is a theocratic one, ruled by the clergy men, their enemies are blasphemers, heretics, demons, devils, etc. They have heavily indoctrinated a militaristic approach to handling their society and way of life. Often viewed as arrogant and brutal, the Syng follow the path of their God to the letter and anyone who opposes are deemed a heretic. Their path is a path of righteousness. They hail from the west, life given to them by the All Father, who sits atop the seemingly endless Mount Doone. The All Father is a god of vengeance, valor, honor, and strength. In the beginning, there was one house of clergymen who ruled Syng. Years have passed and new translations of the All Father’s word began to surface. Many Syng chose sides and separated. A civil war erupted, sending Syng into chaos for years. Finally from the heavens a Saint came down and united the people under one faith, she claimed to bring the unmolested word of the All Father. The people of Syng built a new way. After the release of the Saint, the Syng slowly degenerated to their former state. They split and became two parties. Noble houses sprang by the dozens and instead of warring the streets, they do it in the shadows. Syng is now a large metropolis seeded with corruption but covered with faith. Their buildings are empiric and Victorian. Constructed of gold, marble, stone, and steel, they are hardy structures full of gaudy ornate designs. Statues, monuments, and crests of the All Father scattered throughout the kingdom.

  • Population: 510,201
  • Terrain: Dessert, Plains
  • Weather: Highs of 110 degrees in the summer; rarely rains. Lows of 45 degrees in the winter. Average temperature is 75 degrees.


This small, yet ancient civilization is rich with culture and highly intelligent beings. The Admirians origin is not fully known, nor is what they worship, for they do not talk about their god, or show any religious markings or fixtures. They are not seen praying or even revering their God. They do however, posses strong mental abilities, which has helped them construct large wondrous buildings made of steel, bent and molded into weird designs, looking alien to anything else seen on the continent. The people are ruled by King Damacuss II, but the backbone of the people are the science guild; who innovate and motivate, bringing new ideas, planning strategies. Their military is small, a legion of mental warriors called the Fist of the Void. If war were to come to Admiria, their foes would sure regret the decision.

  • Population: 105,909
  • Terrain: Plains, hills, swamp
  • Weather: Lows of 15 degrees during winter; snows. Heavy rain storms in spring. Highs of 90 degrees during summer. Average temperature is 65 degrees.

Kessel Barbarians:

These barbarians have never kept a record of their beginnings and they make no effort to try to start now. They believe in passion for the kill, honor, strength, and violence. They are not without compassion or reason, they just have no use for law. They are very loyal to each other, willing to die for his or her brother or sister. There are a few of their large encampments spread throughout the swamps, but their numbers are large. Together, they are a body of one.

  • Population: 7,892
  • Terrain: Swamp
  • Weather: Stagnant heat with highs of 100 degrees during the summer. Lows of 50 degrees during the winter. Rains heavily all season. Average temperature is 75 degrees.

Prosian History

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